Treponema pallidum


After 100 years syphilis is still a problem


In 1905 Fritz Richard Schaudinn and Paul Erich Hoffmann (both german microbiologists) described Treponema pallidum as the causing agent of  Syphilis.

         In 1906, the also bacteriologist August Paul von Wassermann developed the first sorology to Syphilis.

         Although these discoveries are highly eficient and very used in the current medical practice and the treatment of syphilis be a reality at least for 50 years, the illness keeps as a serious problem of public health in all over the world. Specially in the less developed or developing countries. But the illness also affects many people living in developed countries.

         We, from the department of STD of the Universidade Federal Fluminense, from the Brazilian Society of Sexual Transmitted Diseases and from the NGO Eliminasífilis(Eliminatesyphilis) will promote an event from April 03 to 09, 2005, the 15° Week of STD (Municipal Law 981/91), in Niterói, State of Rio de Janeiro. In the occasion we will give emphasis on the combat to the STD, but emphasizing syphilis, in special congenital syphilis.

         Join us in the challenge of the questions related to the STD and in the homages we will pay to the referred scientists.

         More details of this program will be shown later.


Prof. Dr. Mauro Romero Leal Passos